About Us

Who Is Four-D Metal Finishing?

Four-D is an electroplating, aluminum finishing shop that specializes in Anodize, Alodine, Zinc and Passivate finishes.
Our finishes are used on parts in the Computer, Electronics, Military, Medical, Dental, Aeronautical, and structural engineering industries.

Four-D Vision: Excellent Service Everyday.

Four-D Core Values

Leaders create value; each of us are Leaders  • New Ideas create Continuous Improvement 

Honesty is Essential in all We Do  • Positive Relationships build Loyalty & Teamwork 

We create Value for our Customers Ensure that each Employee's position utilizes their individual Talents 

Appropriate Recognition Motivates our people to be Successful  • Healthy Lifestyles are important to Success 

Doing what we say we do  • Go the Extra Mile


Our Amazing Team: We believe a company is no better than its people.


Pete Deguara

President and CEO. Co- founder of Four- D Metal Finishing Inc. Over 50 years experience and expertise in Metal Finishing. Team member for over 40 years.

Matt Deguara

Vice President and COO. Director of quality, production and sales. Team member for over 13 years.

Cole Rahn

General Manager. Shipping-Receiving Coordinator, Customer service representative. Team member for over 10 years.

Sam Elisary

Manager. In charge of Chemical film (Alodine), cleaning and passivate line. Waste water treatment expert. Team member for over 30 years.

Sergio Ortiz

Manager. In charge of Anodize line. Team member for over 15 years.

Jimmy Hawkinson

Manager. In charge of Zinc plating line. Team member for over 7 years. 

Our Amazing Story


From left to right: Jim, Charlie, Tony and Pete.

Four-D Metal Finishing, Inc. was established August 28, 1973, and has been serving the bay area, faithfully, ever since. The business was founded, and named after the four Deguara brothers, James, Peter, Charles, and Anthony.

The plating business has been in the Deguara blood for years before Four-D Metal was even thought of. It started with the four brothers father, Paul Deguara, back in 1948. Paul was an immigrant from the island of Malta who came to America with his wife and two kids looking for a better life for his family. He had heard about this great American Dream and he wanted a part of it. Almost immediately after arriving in America Paul started working as a plater in a shop in San Francisco CA.

Paul worked hard at what he was doing and before long was not supporting a wife and two kids, but a wife and four kids. In 1957 all of his hard work started to pay off. He started working at a plating shop called Electrite Plating located in East Palo Alto. At that time Electrite was struggling and about to go under. Paul was able to come in and turn the place around, avoiding the owner from going bankrupt.

In 1960, the owner of Electrite gave Paul just the opportunity he had been waiting for. He offered to sell Electrite to Paul and he jumped on it. Paul could not afford to buy the place by himself so he found two partners to go in with him. Once he became an owner Paul brought his second oldest son Pete in to help him out after school and on weekends.

In 1964 Pete started working full time at Electrite. In the summer of 1965 Pete had to take a break from the plating industry to serve his country fighting in Vietnam. He joined the navy and served two years.

When Pete got out of the navy in 1967 he returned to work with his father at Electrite. Upon his return, Pete started running the Aluminum side of the shop that consisted of Anodize and Alodine. Pete, like his father Paul, was hard working and strived do the best work he cold. He saw a future in plating based on how well it had already been for his family.

The third oldest boy, Charlie, joined his older brother Pete, and father Paul, at Electrite in 1969. Soon to follow in 1971 the youngest brother Anthony (Tony) joined in the now family business.

By 1973 Paul and his three sons were making a good name for themselves supplying their customers with high quality work and service. At this time Paul's wife had became ill and was recommended that she move to Arizona where she would be able to live more comfortable because of the warm and dry climate. Paul decided to sell his portion of the shop to his two partners and retire to Arizona with his wife. The three boys continued working for the two partners.

After a few months of Paul leaving the three brothers decided they did not want to work for some one any more so with the help of their oldest brother Jim they started Four-D Metal Finishing Inc. They rented a building in Palo Alto where they started with the aluminum processes of Alodine and anodize. At first the brothers were not sure how things were going to work out so just Pete and Charlie started working full time in the new shop while Jim and Tony came over on nights and weekends just helping out. After about six months it was clear the brothers had made the right decision in opening up their own shop. They had so much work; all four brothers started working full time.

Just four years after going out on there own Four-D had already outgrew itself and was ready to expand. They decided to add a steel line which consisted of Zinc and Black Oxide. This was an exciting decision for them. As the leaders the four Deguara's are, they had to do something new and cutting edge. For their zinc instead of using the traditional cyanide zinc they decided to go with a new acid zinc. There was not much known yet about this new process and Four-D was one of the first plating shops in the area to put it in. This made sense to the Deguara's because this new process was safer for the environment along with being safer for people to work around. It also made waste treatment more manageable witch the EPA was really starting to crack down on.

Once again because of their work ethics and cutting edge technology Four-D was once again ready to expand. In 1980 with the purchase of a new building Four-D moved to their Sunnyvale location. This new building was outfitted with an 11,000 square foot plating area. They also outfitted the new shop with a hoist for plating bigger parts, boilers for heating the tanks, and probably most impressive, an all new $80,000 waste treatment system. Being the cutting edge minds the brothers were and seeing where EPA, city, and state environmental standards where heading they, pioneered the plating industry with this new waste treatment system. In fact in October 1984, when the waste restrictions really got tight and plating shops were closing down because of this, Four-D was featured in Finishers' Management magazine, a national industry plating magazine, regarding their compliance and state of the art waste treatment system.

Four-D has continued over the next couple decades for being one of the best plating shops around doing work for costumers like, HP, Westinghouse, Lockeed Martin, Varian, Hosmer, and Ampex.. Indirectly Four-D has worked with, Sysco Systems, AMD, Applied Materials, and Genentec.

Like all business Four-D has had it's hard times and setbacks. In 1983 one of those hard times hit with the passing of the oldest brother Jim. Soon after the youngest brother Tony retired. Pete and Charlie continued the family business through it all, striving to exceed the quality the family had built up in the past. By 1999 the family business had exceeded more than anyone could have imagined. Throughout the years Four-D has consisted the four Deguara brothers, three Deguara wives, and a Deguara daughter working under the same roof. Even at times when their father Paul would visit from Arizona, he would come in and help out. The company was able to pretty much run itself. These influences helped to make Charley decide to retire at age 50. Pete decided to stay in the business hoping that one of his two sons might want to get involved.

In 2004 after graduating college Pete's youngest son Matt followed in his fathers foot steps and started working for Four-D. Then finally in 2007 Matt stepped up and became Vice President of the company. This makes three generations of plating experience continuing on the Deguara Plating name. With the help of Matt, Four-D has been able to open a second location in Santa Clare specializing in Alodine for Structural engineering.

Pete and Matt continue to work side-by-side delivering the highest standard in plating that the Deguara family has taken pride in for over 60 years. With Pete's wife Rosemary working in the office and oldest son Andy helping keep up with advances in digital technology, Four-D Metal finishing continues to be a cutting edge, family owned and operated business