Anodized Coatings

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Four-D offers a full lab as well as R&D capabilities.

MedaDize Gray/All Colors, Validated Process

Ti-Anodize and Custom Colors
Ti Anodize Color Chart and Medical Process Reference Guide

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Gray or many other colors are produced by anodizing titanium that creates a thin titanium oxide layer. No pigments or dyes are used. Custom colors are available upon request. Titanium Anodize, AMS 2488.
medical coatings
medical coatings

BioBlack-Ti/ Titanium Blackening & Cleaning Process

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This process does not alter the chemical composition of the surface where multiple intersecting pores of oxide layers absorb light and create a perfect black color.

Oxide layered chemical composition is close to the base titanium alloy
Chemically stable
Surface quality can be bright or matte, depending on base material
medical coatings

BioBrite validated Medical Electropolishing & Electro Polishing

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Smoothens the surface of a part and capable of removing sharp edges. BioBrite is a uniform process designed to clean, brighten, and passivate.

Can Process:
Stainless steel 300 and 400
Heat-Treated Stainless Steel 400 series
Cobalt and Nickel Alloys
Copper Alloys, Carbon Steel, Copper & Aluminum

medical coatings

MedaPass validated Medical Passivation & MedaPass/Medical Stainless Steel Passivation Processing

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ASTM A 967 Citric Passivate
MIL-F-14072D (ER)
ASTM -A380
medical coatings


TM-Rx is a Medical validated Coating
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This process is precisely controlled by our lab staff and engineering. It is a medical grade chromium coating designed to prevent wear, galling, and corrosion. Other properties of this coating are lubricity, durability, extreme hardness, and low coefficient of friction. Parts and instruments coated with TM-Rx are designed to work and look like new after 1,000 cycles in an autoclave.
USD Class VI / ISO 10993-1 Certification, as well as the principles governing the biological evaluation of medical devices. Certified report number: 331553, 33167, 331621, & 331555.
TM?Rx is usually applied to Stainless Steel. This coating can be applied to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum. medical coatings

Aluminum Color Anodize & Hard-Coat

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AMS 2469
Other Specs
ROHS & FDA Compliant
medical coatings

Other Coatings

Oxytech, Oxylube, EN, Nickel-Teflon, Chrome Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Gold, Silver, Tin, and Hex-Free Chem-Film

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Other Processes

Blasting, R&D, Satin Finishes, and Grinding

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