Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for all suppliers providing products and services to Four-D Metal Finishing Inc.


  • Any nonconforming material may not be shipped until Four-D Metal Finishing, Inc. has been notified and a product nonconforming disposition approval has been received.
  • Four-D Metal Finishing, Inc. must be notified of changes to product, processes, suppliers and facilities.
  • Material purchased from a non-franchised distributor or broker is not allowed due to possibility of counterfeit material.  During extreme situations such as manufacturer’s allocation of product which causes material shortages and material is only available through a non-franchised distributor or broker, the Four-D Metal Finishing, Inc. Buyer must be notified prior to purchasing this material.  Four-D Metal Finishing, Inc. must be notified if the source of material supplied to Four-D Metal Finishing, Inc. becomes the subject of a legal or counterfeit issue.
  • Supplier must provide a 12 month advance notification of any part obsolescence.  The opportunity for a last buy is required.
  • Any applicable flow down requirements specified on this Purchase Order including Customer requirements shall flow down the supply chain.
  • All pertinent records must be retained for a minimum of five (7) years unless otherwise specified on this Purchase Order.
  • *Buyer and authorized Customer Representative reserve the right to enter Seller’s plant(s) or those of Seller’s Suppliers, at every tier, or such parts thereof as may e engaged in work relating to this order, at all reasonable times, for the purpose of surveillance inspection of Seller’s processes, controls, quality records, and systems as well as supplies/services procured under this order.   This  inspection of Seller’s processes and controls will not constitute acceptance of the supplies/services being procured.
  • Supplier shall maintain a quality management system. At minimum, the system must be compliant to ISO9001.
  • All products provided to Four-D Metal Finishing Inc. shall be accompanied with Certificates of Analysis/conformance whenever applicable.